Rclone copy from FTP server to Google drive speed

I'm still rather new to rclone. Using the latest beta, I'm finding cloning from an FTP server to Google Drive is extremely, extremely slow.
I'm curious if this is normal for copying from FTP to Gdrive?

Using a very basic command - "rclone copy -Pv ftpserver:folder gdrive:folder -P --max-transfer 700G"
It's copied 5GB in a little under 40 minutes.
When copying locally or server side, gdrive to gdrive, I'm not seeing these major drops in cloning speed.

Apologies in advance if this is completely normal, but if there's any way to improve, I'd be happy to hear it! Thank you!

That is because you're not copying server side. You are the middleman and everything is downloaded then uploaded. I.e FTP --> you --> gdrive

I didn't realize it was eating data up like that. I assumed it was copying only, versus being downloaded then uploaded.
Is there a way to 'cheat', so to speak, and clone locally straight to gdrive?


you can try the new flag --magic :upside_down_face:
create a google cloud compute virtual machine.
then run rclone on that vm.
in this way, you are using your local resources.

where is the ftp located? local or on the internet?
what are your internet speeds?

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What's the --magic flag do?

I'm not the server owner, by the way if that makes a difference. The server owner is able to clone to gdrive directly without having to download/upload, and have data used. I was told I'm not able to do that without being the server owner.
My internet speeds are around 100mb/s

there is no flag --magic, that was my lame attempt at humor.

Right over my head

what is the upload speed, what is the download speed?

do a speedtest.net and post it.