"rclone copy" does not copy updated files

I am running v.1.36 and observing the following.
In order to easily reproduce the issue I created a folder with just 1 file test.txt in there. So the line I am executing is as follows
rclone.exe copy E:\test acds:e\test
At first run it copies the file. However if I update the file and run same command again it does nothing.

acds is an encrypted storage at ACD. OS is Win 2008R2.

acd doesn’t support modification times, and if you layer that with crypt it won’t support hashes either.

So if you didn’t change the length of the file rclone won’t notice it has changed.

wow! That’s not good. And does not make much sense to me. When I run rclone lsl, I do see date/time of the files in the encrypted storage so I wonder why rclone cannot see it.

It seems the time you uploaded it only. Not the time on the file.

so rclone has a way to know that file was updated if time of the source file is newer than the time it was last uploaded.

It goes by size.not dates

Here is the issue to fix this properly...