Rclone copy command with unexpected outcome

Just wondering if anyone knows why rclone using the copy command would ‘say’, ie, in log, its copied 50 new files (to One Drive) when I know 50 new files have not been added to the source directory?

At the moment I can run two copy commands within 1 minute of each other and its saying its copied 50 new ones each time… however on One Drive the file count does not increase. So it doesn’t physically seem to be doubling up files on One Drive.

Ive sort of got to a point where I cant track what is going on. I get a verbose log each time but all it says is copied 50 new files and names them?

In essence though, its seems to be actually copying the files it should be but reporting its copying files it shouldn’t be?

Any help appreciated.

PS: This also only seems to be happening on my photo’s synced through Plex Camera Uploads on an iPhone 5C.
My Samsung S7 seems to work fine and I don’t see these ‘extra’ files being copied.

Drive is case sensitive, but OneDrive isn’t, so you might have files “HELLO.txt” and “hello.txt” which might cause this problem.

The other thing that comes to mind is are there duplicate files on google drive? See the dedupe command for how to detect and manage these.

Thanks ncw.

I believe this was my issue. I looked at the 50 files that it seemed to copy each time and they all had .JPG extensions but the files on OneDrive had .jpg extensions. I just moved them to a different folder and will deal with it later but this fixed the issue.

Just quickly, you say OneDrive isn’t case sensitive but the rclone OneDrive page states that it is.

“Note that One Drive is case insensitive so you can’t have a file called “Hello.doc” and one called “hello.doc”.”

Is this a typo?

case sensitive means that “HELLO.TXT” and “hello.txt” are different files (eg Drive)

case insensitive (the opposite of case sensitive) means that “HELLO.TXT” and “hello.txt” are the same file (eg OneDrive).

Hopefully that is what the docs say, but I have got them mixed up before!

My bad. I read sensitive instead of insensitive in docs. Thanks for clarifying. Cheers

I’ve done the same thing quite a few times too :wink: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/commit/0b338eaa28f55fdc686ab88573bd7afb8f673ba1