Rclone Copy cannot change TEMP folder for upload

Hey guys,

first of all i love rclone. Really great, stable and fast updated software. Thanks a lot!

i’m using rclone copy to upload files from my QNAP Nas but as soon as i upload files from the non installation drive of rclone i’m having issues with the temp folder. I have changed the --cache-tmp-upload-path but i still get the following error message:

2018/08/12 21:54:41 NOTICE: 39c44dsn8c: Removing partially written file on error: write /root/Private/8o2a4knhk42f1rdc/v59ivg9n8bi5nbule1/1g83crd3e61omb1d39c44dsn8c: no space left on device
2018/08/12 21:54:41 ERROR : somefile.file: Failed to copy: write /root/Private/: no space left on device

The problem is that rclone always uses the root folder of the installation drive, furthermore the root folder does not have much space (QNAP standard configuration).

I’m using the following command:
rclone --config="/drive1/blabla/rclone.conf" copy /share/drive2/something privatecrypt:Backup/something --log-file=/share/drive1/logfile.txt --cache-tmp-upload-path /share/drive2/somethingelse

BUT it does work with the drive where rclone has been installed. In this case i do not get the error message at all (Also big files but i suppose rclone does not need to cache them separately since the files are already on the installation drive)

Thanks a lot for your help!

Which service provider are you using (I’m guessing b2)

And which version of rclone are you using rclone version will tell you?

I’m guessing if you upgrade rclone to the latest version 1.42 you won’t have this problem any more.

To set the temporary directory you’ll need to set the TMPDIR environment variable.

Sorry, forgot to tell. Google Drive and rclone 1.42 from https://forum.qnap.com/viewtopic.php?t=123914 i will check the exact rclone version as soon as i’m back home


rclone v1.42

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.10.1

So my guess as to what was going wrong was wrong!

Rclone 1.42 with drive doesn’t use the disk for temporary storage. The only thing it will try to store is the config file which is very small.

How have you set up your privatecrypt? I suspect it has a remote which points to /root/Private/ - did you forget the colon off the remote name?