Rclone copies folder as a weird name

I’ve noticed that when I do a daily backup from google drive to my local server using “rclone sync -v google: /path/to/server/location/” it sometimes downloads folders as a weird name.

An example would be this in a folder structure

  • google root
    • Folder1
      * AAA$% (supposed to be Folder 2)
      * Folder 3

Somehow Folder 2 is named weirdly and I’m not sure why. My Only thought would be a file system not understanding special characters like windows does not let you put in ! in a folder name. For the record I’m using ubutuntu 16.04 LTS. Is there a way to fix/notify us when there is an issue so we can rename the folder on google prior to syncing? Thanks

That is very strange!

Can you post an actual example?

And if you had a log with -vv of the event happening that would be helpful too.