Rclone copies all folders --minage

I am trying to archive my old files older than 80days each day via cron to gdrive
rclone copy --verbose --min-age 80d --exclude /keep /home/FIles/ gdrive:
This works but its also copies hundreds of folders all empty from the newer files each time
rmdirs fixes this but it takes ages to make and delete theses folders
I this a bug or is there a better way of doing this ?

I suspect you are using an old version of rclone - what version are you using?

Yes was using the distro version rclone v1.45
update seems to have fixed the issue

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Please read my post again. I tried that command and it only copies the contents and subdirs without including the root folder itself. Not sure if this is a bug or if that's the intended behavior. If so, any way to work around it? Including folder should be the default IMO Official Website

Did you reply in wrong thread :wink:

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