Rclone converting HTML files to docx files when I download

If I change the --drive-format to HTML I get a file that looks like this: file.html.html.
Why is rclone fiddling with my files before it downloads them?
It does not make sense to me.

I suspect that the file you are trying to download is actually a google doc named “file.html”. You can check this in the google drive interface I think by double clicking on it and seeing if it loads into google docs.

You might be right, but it appears that when I uploaded the file it made a conversation. Not sure why that is, because it is an .HTML file on Dropbox which is where I copied the file from.
I am running a command line only interface but I do have another hard drive loaded with Ubuntu on it. So I downloaded the Dropbox files to Ubuntu and then uploaded them to Google drive and then downloaded them to my hard drive on my arch command line only interface.
The reason why I didn’t just mount the arch system and copy the Dropbox files directly from Ubuntu was that ls color sees my plain files as another level of coloring.
Any idea why my Google Drive is converting these when I copied them from my desktop?

I figured this out it looks like Google has a setting that automatically converts files to docx, why in the hell they would do that is beyond me.
Google for you.

Did you copy them with rclone?

Where is that setting?

You have to open Google drive with a desktop browser like Firefox. It won’t work from the phone. If you click the settings gear there should be a check box feature called convert uploads. All you have to do is uncheck that.
For some reason HTML is one of the only files that wants to convert. Markdown for example isnt converted.
Also if you’re having problems uploading a Json file, this is the culprit. After unticking this feature I was able to upload and download Json files. Which before I couldn’t do that.

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