Rclone config redacted - testing needed

In github issue #5209 we had the idea of making rclone config redacted for making a config file suitable for posting online for support purposes.

Once this is out we can adjust the support template to suggest people use it and it should hopefully save everyone lots of time.

However it needs testing! So please run rclone config redacted on your config file(s) and check it redacts everything it should. If it doesn't then please post here with what went wrong.

It looks OK for the 382(!) remotes I have in my config file but there are bound to be things I've forgotten.

v1.64.0-beta.7133.fe6be50b5.fix-5209-config-redacted on branch fix-5209-config-redacted (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

v1.64.0-beta.7133.35cb585ed.fix-5209-config-redacted on branch fix-5209-config-redacted (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

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yes, this is a much needed feature, looks forwarding to testing.

so far, no windows versions, linux versions?

Looks good on my 40+ remotes.

Managed to break the tests.

Here is a new beta!

v1.64.0-beta.7133.fe6be50b5.fix-5209-config-redacted on branch fix-5209-config-redacted (uploaded in 15-30 mins)

i tested it on all my remotes and i created a test remote for s3, added every option i could.

works great!

Yes it is great option but maybe it can be even better? And it definitely should be part of it

What we ask is rclone version and rclone.config

What about to combine it?

rclone support printing both for user to copy paste it to their support issue?

yeah, this does need some brainstorming.

i like your concept, the problem is rclone.config would prevent all 40 of your remotes and all 382 of ncw.
most times, just one or two remotes are needed.

how about something
rclone sync source: dest: --report
which would output

  1. rclone version
  2. the redacted config for source:
  3. the redacted config for dest:
  4. maybe enable -vv output
  5. create a haiku poem

maybe have option --report=report.txt.
then have the user upload or paste that file or contents to forum.
i know just uploading a file is not too helpful, but you get the idea?

This is very clever and yes indeed it would provide all info which is often missing.

People who know what they are doing will mange anyway. Biggest problem are users who have no clue - or close to it.

if rclone errors out, print some message.
"If you want to post at https://forum.rclone.org, re-run your command with --report and post the full output at the forum"

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I imagine it would imply -vv log so it would have to be file including all

I think you guys are jumping ahead to issue #5121 :slight_smile:

Ultimately that would open a pre-filled in page on the forum, or an minimum give something to cut and paste with the info from rclone version (which now has all the OS info in :slight_smile: rclone config redacted

The idea of --report to trigger this is a great idea.

We could even get the config wizard to fill in some of the gaps.

Whether we could get this to include the log I don't know.

of course it is jumping ahead. But pre-filled in page on the forum is very idealistic when @asdffdsa idea is realistic

This looks useful

Rclone could use the same mechanism that it uses to open the auth page to open a browser window with a filled in template. We probably need to prompt the user to create a forum user first.

For example


then we would need additional info, so rclone can login to the forum, and that could be stored as a dummy remote.

user = asdffdsa
pass = password
mfa_info = otpauth://totp/rclone%20forum:asdffdsa?secret=redacted&issuer=rclone+forum

No we wouldn't need that. We'd rely on the users browser being logged in. Try clicking on the link above and you'll see what I mean. You can on linux run xdg-open 'https://....' and open the link. There is an equivalent for Windows but I don't know what it is I think it is start.

I suggest a little bit of config wizard here...

$ rclone sync blah: blah2: --report
Support report gathered.
Please add a title to your request
Title> the thing doesn't work
What next?
s) save report to a file
v) view report on screen
p) post report to the forum - you'll need to be logged in to the forum first
q) quit

Or something! The last menu repeats so the user can choose different options.

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yes, that is something!, not overly complex to code and release.

however, without that log, we have basic static info that would catch basic syntax errors.

in my backup script, i have a function that process the rclone debug file.
the function takes the debug log file and creates a shortened version, let's call it rshort.log
for example, no need to list every file compared, copied, checked and hashed.
then i get that as an email and can quickly understand.

basically, the contents are:

  1. the top debug lines.
  2. the bottom stat lines.
  3. from the middle of the log, text lines, such as ERROR, pacer and other such text.

and that gets us back to the issue of not revleaing private info.
so we would have to sanitize dir/file names.

Thank you all for your feedback :slight_smile:

I've merged rclone config redacted to master now which means it will be in the latest beta in 15-30 minutes and released in v1.64

Hopefully I'll have time to work on the --report flag too.

This will need to look at the command line and try to find any remotes. It can then look in the config for each of these remotes and try and find any related ones recursively, eg for union, crypt etc.

It should probably report any env vars which start with RCLONE too, though these potentially need sanitizing too if they are backend config.

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