Rclone config not working

brand new to rclone… running Debian Stretch Mate
I am working my thru the “rclone config” and am now stuck

it started with: Config file “/home/peter/.rclone.conf” not found - using defaults
expected I guess… or do I need to make a dummy?

all seems to be OK, no errors shown

after completion I run rclone lsd remote:
“Failed to create file system for “remote:”: didn’t find section in config file”
and that is where I am stalled.

there is no “.rclone.conf” in my /home

rclone listremotes does return the new remote I called “gdrive”

thanks for any ideas!

If your remote has the name gdrive, then you should rclone lsd gdrive:


I get this:
~$ rclone lsd gdrive:
-1 2017-11-30 14:22:36 -1 Google Photos

now what?

Seems to be working. What do you wanna do? You can now copy files from/to your local drive or another remote.
Just add the other remote from config and read the documentation.

A simple command is like this
rclone copy Remote1:Photos Remote2:Photos
which will copy the files of Remote1/Photos to Remote2/Photos.

That is a misleading message… You don’t need to do anything, rcone will create the config file.

It will be in ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf on a new installation - that message is just the last place rclone looks.

rclone config file will show you where the config is, and rclone config show will print it for you.