Rclone Config for PlexUnion Grdive+DropBox

Hi there.
first of all, i'm very new to this, so dont throw stones at me.

As i can only move slowly from Gdrive to Dropbox, my Idea is that Plex is reading from Gdrive (as it actually does) + reading from Dropbox.

In my Server i got atm only one Folder, where the Stuff from Gdrive is moving to.

I'm not so familiar with that, so need some help with the howto etc.

my actually rclone config looks like this:

type = drive
client_id = xxx
client_secret = xxx
token = {"access_token":"xxx","token_type":"Bearer","refresh_token":"xxx":"xxx"}

type = crypt
remote = gd_xxx: /
filename_encryption = standard
password = xxx
password2 = xxx

type = crypt
remote = /mnt/xxx/plexdrive
filename_encryption = standard
password = xxx
password2 = xxx

type = dropbox
client_id = xxx
client_secret = xxx
token = {"access_token":"xxx","token_type":"bearer","refresh_token":"xxx","expiry":"xxx"}

type = dropbox
client_id = xxx
client_secret = xxx
token = {"access_token":"xxx","token_type":"bearer","refresh_token":"xxx","expiry":"xxx"}

type = crypt
remote = dropbox_xxx:encrypt
password = xxx
password2 = xxx
server_side_across_configs = true
filename_encoding = base32768

type = crypt
remote = dropbox_xxx_upload:encrypt
password = xxx
password2 = xxx
server_side_across_configs = true
filename_encoding = base32768

You can add following remote:

type = union
upstreams = dropbox_xxx_crypt::ro gd_xxx_crypt::ro

This will combine content of both gdrive and dropbox

Then you can mount it and use in Plex

Thanks, but when I'm understanding this right, the GDrive will be ReadOnly, and i cant continue uploading Stuff on it, right? Same to DropBox Folder?

You can continue what you are doing using other remotes. This is the easiest option - why to change anything?

This new remote is only for viewing content of both dropbox and google at the same time - so you can temporarily use it for plex - until you finish migration. And it is read only as it is the safest.

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When using this, the only Folder i have right now, is only ReadOnly. So i cant uploading my Stuff from Gdrive into DropBox Folder.

That makes me thinkig of this:

Actually its like that:
Folder: GDrive-xxx is mounted from "gd_xxx_plex_crypt" - RO
Folder: GDrive-Upload is mounted from "gd_xxx_crypt" - RW

Plex is reading from GDrive-xxx.

Now at Dropbox its atm like that:
Folder: Plex_drobox is mounted from "dropbox_xxx_crypt" - RW
This Folder should be used like GDrive, Upload-only. But its not, its RW instead of RO.
So how can i change the mount from an exisiting Folder to "drobox_xxx_upload_crypt", instead of "dropbox_xxx_crypt" with RO Option?

I need to mount another Folder, like:
Plex_drobpox_read, which is then mounted to "dropbox_xxx_crypt" with RO.

I do not understand your setup so what I suggest:

  1. Do not change anything and keep uploading like you are doing now

  2. Add union remote and mount it - it is new mount. Point Plex to it.

What I am missing?

how will the mount look like?
/usr/bin/rclone mount --config /root/.config/rclone.conf ........
dropbox_xxx_crypt: /home/Plex-Union?

i'm a little bit confusing. you're saying make a new mount, but "upstreams = dropbox_xxx_crypt::ro" will this not make my exisiting mount into RO?

Nothing will change with existing mounts.


rclone mount --config /root/.config/rclone.conf dropbox_xxx_upload_crypt: /home/Plex-Union-Temp

and use this for plex. everything else for your migration

i did.

i did this either, then this comes up:

2023/07/14 18:25:15 NOTICE: Config file "/root/.config/rclone.conf" not found - using defaults
2023/07/14 18:25:15 Failed to create file system for "dropbox_xxx_upload_crypt:": didn't find section in config file

so i checked the file:
its located in /root/.config/rclone/
permissions are set to 644.

is that the correct correct path?

might try --config=/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf

rclone config file
Configuration file is stored at:

I took this path from your example. I have no idea where you keep your config...

Use one you added union_google_dropbox to

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And I also made mistake - you want to mount union_google_dropbox so you should use:

rclone mount --config /path/to/rclone.conf union_google_dropbox: /home/Plex-Union-Temp

ok, the path wasnt right, now it is.

but still get this message:

Failed to create file system for "union_google_dropbox:": didn't find section in config file

in the config file i looked again, seems ok for me:

type = union
upstreams = dropbox_xxx_crypt::ro gd_xxx_crypt::roquote

xxx changed with real infos. do i have to restart rclone somehow or smth like that?

do i have to create maybe a new remote with "rclone config" ?

can you run:

rclone listremotes --config /path/to/rclone.conf

here it is:


I do not know what is your path:) you have to replace it with correct path

yeah sry, was to fast.

Do i have to create a .service with the right infos in it? like my existing mount have?

no idea. what is .service you talk about? you post all data maybe somebody can help. random questions without context won't work.

You start topic how to create union - then you throw question about .service something. try to fix one issue at the time. Otherwise nobody can help.

I'm trying, but no idea why this dont work:
Right is the conf File with the union section i had put in.