.rclone.conf location on OS X

I downloaded rclone on my Macbook and ran rclone config but seem to be unable find .rclone.conf

What is the location of .rclone.conf on OS X?

My installation is /usr/local/bin and its not there.
I’ve also checked my user directory (~)

Thanks so much for any help.

it should be in .config/rclone/rclone.conf

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The file is hidden but it is located in your home directory. If you open up Terminal.app and run open -a TextEdit ~/.rclone.conf it will open it.

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That was it! Thanks so much!

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You can type

ls - lah

In terminal to see all files

You can type


To go into a directory

You can type


To see the full path you’re in

Then you can use the go to directory to go into a hidden folder :slight_smile: