Rclone-compatible providers for > 2TB?

Not so much about Rclone itself, but related. I have 2.3TB of storage in my GDrive account (GDrive, not G-Suite) and in the next 3-6 months will run out of space (lots of photographs). So I’m looking for the best option for more storage, compatible with RClone so my backup workflow can remain as-is. GDrive’s plans are only 2TB (£15pcm) or 10TB (£80pcm) - the latter of which is a bit fierce. My use-case is as an off-site and 2nd copy backup for my NAS which is my primary storage.

So who should I look at? Are there any options that’ll give me 3-5TB for a reasonable monthly cost?

Backblaze S2 seems like it’ll be the most competitive - since they bill by the amount, and by the download. Downsides are that if I have a catestrophic failure on my NAS and have to restore everything, it’ll cost me $50 in download fees. But maybe that’s not so bad. Downsides are that I don’t have cloud access to all my stuff like I do with GDrive, but I suppose I could just use my NAS for that. BB’s photo management isn’t a patch on GPhoto, either.

OneDrive doesn’t seem to cater for > 1TB in any useful way (I don’t want to have 5 accounts and all the associated messing about that goes with that).

ACD was where I was moving to this time last year, but after their ‘unlimited’ debacle it’s clear they’re not a serious player right now.

Who else am I missing or not considering?

ACD are still cheap at $60/Tb, which would be $10/month for 2Tb. They’re what I’ve stuck with; it’s half the cost of google ($20/month for 2Tb).

ACD doesn’t work with Rclone though, right? Unless you use a client/secret from another app.

You can use the proxy with ACD which works well.

I keep meaning to do a price comparison page for rclone users… At around the $60/TB/year so $5/TB/month are

You might want to check out pcloud also.

G Suite Business with Single user

G-Suite business is 1TB per user. And yes, I know some people have uploaded tens of TB to single-user GSuite plans, but I don’t want to run my primary offsite backup on a service where I’m breaching the T&Cs, and where those T&Cs could be enforced at any time.

I tried Nick’s proxy server, and it works well. So for the moment I’ll stick to Gdrive primary, and Amazon Prime Photos as a secondary backup. If I run out of GDrive space I can always shuffle and use ACD and Amazon Photos as a primary backup (their photo offering is loads better these days).

Thanks @ncw - I set up the ACD account, using your proxy, works a treat. So I now have rclone copying photos to GDrive and ACD (using my unlimited storage free with Prime). Sleeping better at night already. :smiley:

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Just remember all of these services are not equal. I’d actually be shocked if ACD has the know-how and ops discipline of B2 or Google, let alone matching redundancy and other safety precautions.

Even though B2 is from a small company, you may have read some of their blog posts, those guys are insanely obsessed with this stuff.

On the other hand, I have nothing against ACD, no criticisms of them, it may be no problem. I just have different levels of trust in different providers.

good luck with any choice you make.

Interested to know why you’d think ACD has less knowledge, resilience or expertise than B2 or Google. You make it sound like Amazon are a bunch of noobs, but you’re clearly forgetting that Amazon basically run half the Web now, and ACD is just a retail app running on top of S3.

I’m not clearly forgetting anything you can relax.

I just found this forum, please forgive me for the acronym confusion. The photo app company ACD sells cloud storage, and being that they do it as a side business, with not more than one full time resource managing the infrastructure, my comment was only intended to be a polite suggestion to factor that in.

It wasn’t even an assumption you meaning them over Amazon, didn’t even think of Amazon, just don’t hear that acronym much in my obscure corners of the internet.

Ah, okay, yes. If you were talking about another company called ACD (that I’ve not heard of) then you’re probably right - if they offered a cloud solution it might not be at the same level as B2, GDrive, etc - and your comment makes total sense in that context.

In the context of this forum and cloud storage, though, ACD is used to refer to Amazon Cloud Drive. :slight_smile: