Rclone cloud to cloud sync

I am trying to sync all data between one drive and google drive. The default behavior of rclone is to download files on the local file system and at the time upload to the other cloud. Because the amount of data to sync is large, the local storage gets filled up soon and rclone exits with an error.

Is there a way to do a direct cloud to cloud sync or using as little local storage as possible?

That doesn’t sound right. I’ve used a 25GB vps to transfer 40TB with --transfers=30 and never came close to using more than 10% storage. What are the specs on the machine you’re using and the rclone command you’re using?

It does download and upload but it does it in memory and requires near zero storage on local filsystem.

@KaMoS @calisro My bad, I forgot to put the remote destination in the script.

Here is what I was using

nohup rclone -v sync onedrive: onedrive-9234728 >> rclone.log 2>&1&

And here is the corrected one

nohup rclone -v sync onedrive: **gdrive:**onedrive-9234728 >> rclone.log 2>&1&

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