Rclone cleanup no way to delete pending uploads newer than 24 hours

I have tried both --min-age and --max-age to cleanup a cloudflare r2 bucket of pending uploads.

None of them works and the default is to only delete older than 24 hours.

And also this is not working anymore:

Rclone backend doesn't even recognize cleanup as a valid argument

Have you run?

rclone cleanup s3:bucket


yes, obviously this is what i'm running

Could you provide more details?

As new issue template asks.

rclone version, command you run, -vv log

Use this backend command instead

rclone backend cleanup -o max-age=1h s3:bucket/path/

Note that if you are using crypt you need to use the underlying s3 remote not the crypt remote here.

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Thanks! The issue was that I was running on a crypt remote.

It fails with a weird message tho! It says "failed to backend: command cleanup failed: command not found" as if it is not a valid command at all. Perhaps it should fail with a "this is a crypt remote" or something?

If it said something like this would that help? At this point I can detect backends which wrap other things (like crypt or compress) but I can't tell what they are wrapping so I need a generic message!

Failed to backend: command "cleanup" failed: command not found: try the underlying remote

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I think this would be a better message than saying the command is not found

I'll put that in :slight_smile:

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