'rclone check' why not compare modtime?

'rclone check cmd' why not check modtime?

If the sizes/checksums match, why would you add a modtime check as well?

if mtime and size match, If user know md5 match, we want not to checksum, Because checksum will cause more pressure on storage.

If you do rclone sync --dry-run then you will get an equivalent of rclone check but comparing modtime.

Size and modtime does not always equal the same file.

A checksum is a call back from the storage provider that's already there so that's not much pressure on the storage.

The use case for check is someone wants to validate with certainty that their data is the same.

If modtime and size match, sometimes we can think the object is equal, if only size is match, modtime is not match, we can think the object is not equal, so check modtime is

Sorry as I'm not following.

Check does size + checksum and if they match, they are equal.

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