Rclone check to use GetObjectAttributes permission on S3

rclone check fails on S3 if the credentials don't have GetObject permission.

Feature request to allow rclone check to optionally use GetObjectAttributes to receive hashes from S3.

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would be great if rclone check could compare hashes without s3:GetObject
tho not sure s3:GetObjectAttributes will do that.

GetObjectAttributes Permissions
"you need the s3:GetObject and s3:GetObjectAttributes permissions"

i read that to mean:
s3:GetObjectAttributes is not a workaround to avoid s3:GetObject

and as a result,
rclone check requires s3:GetObject compare hashes.


The permissions that you need to use this operation depend on whether the bucket is versioned. If the bucket is versioned, you need both the s3:GetObjectVersion and s3:GetObjectVersionAttributes permissions for this operation. If the bucket is not versioned, you need the s3:GetObject and s3:GetObjectAttributes permissions.

I think @asdffdsa is right, for non versioned buckets you will need the s3:GetObject permission.

You if you use rclone check --size-only you won't need that permission.

We'd need yet another --s3-no-head option to not read the checksum from the metadata of an s3 object.

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