Rclone check errors after 2hrs: Failed to check: 5 differences foud

Dear all

I’m using rclone (v 1.3.5) on my Linux NAS to sync data to Amazon Cloud. I’ve wanted to run the CHECK operation. After 2hrs the CHECK operation fails with following message:

2017/01/14 15:35:33 amazon drive root ‘Data’: 5 differences found
2017/01/14 15:35:33 Failed to check: 5 differences found

What is causing this issue?

Did you use -v and log file ?

just doing this now. The folder/remote I want to check has totally 1.9GB / 14’090 files / 667 subfolders. Is this an issue? Is there a limit

It is limited by memory only.

-v will show you which files are missing.