Rclone can read size of Google Drive Shared Drive

i use rclone with restic to backup my linux server.

yesterday i check and i found error in backup , so look on google drive and i reach limit 400k files/folders.

as a picture i reach 100%. so now i delete trash (with more calm)

but can i check with rclone this value?
so i can create a script that email me when value is over 80% or 90%?

thank you

rclone size can count the number of objects for you.

thank you for reply.
i know that, but i discovered that files and folder on trash take up space on Shared Google Drive.

so i search a way to discover that percentage on image posted before.
so as to be sure that the backup has no problems ...

maybe with a sort of api ??? i don't know much about google drive api...

thank you again


you want to know the size of the files in the trash?

rclone size gdrive: --drive-trashed-only

yes, thank you
i check now and on admin dashboard i view 2%
then on server
rclone size gdrive:
Total objects: 3.788k (3788)
Total size: 13.841 GiB (14861474503 Byte)
rclone size gdrive: --drive-trashed-only
Total objects: 3.683k (3683)
Total size: 71.929 GiB (77232938809 Byte)

so i think
3788+3683 = 7471
7471 is 2% of 400000 files (limit shared drive)

now i will study a script to sum these 2 value and send a mail if value is over 300000 about...

thank you

maybe is useful this command

rclone size gdrive: | awk -F"[()]" '/Total objects/{print $2}'

rclone size gdrive: --drive-trashed-only | awk -F"[()]" '/Total objects/{print $2}'

and then sum 2 values... :slight_smile:

@ale82x @ncw
Can u guys tell me how can i get image result like him
i wanted to know my all shared drive total size just like this one
i dont hv linux im on windows
how to see it ?
cmd wont create the GUI for sure.

you need to access via web to admin Google Dashboard
but you need to be superuser (administrator), normal user can't access to that view.

so step are
login in google admin dashboard as admin
go to application - Google Workspace - Drive e Documents
then click on manage Shared Drive

this is link to support


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