Rclone Cache with Sonarr/Radarr

Hi all,

I'm read quite a few topics and wikis regarding rclone cache but still couldn't get the hang of it and to understand everything.

My current setup is having only an rclone mount (no crypt) and I have structured it by having /TV and /Movies folders on gdrive. I mount it to plex and it's working okay with a few exceptions.

As I'm using HDDs on my plex server the disk I/O is not very good and when Sonarr/Radarr are moving files to gdrive after they've completed downloading the UIs in most cases are not responding and the speeds are quite slow if there are a few being uploaded at the same time.

In order to improve performance I was thinking that using rclone cache might be good for me as the files will be saved locally for let's say 60 minutes and then they will be moved to gdrive.

If possible someone to answer the following questions for me:

  1. If Sonarr and Radarr are pointing to gdrive, how will the downloading of episodes be handled, will it upload them directly to the gdrive as usual or it will go to the cache?
  2. If the files are in the cache and then moved to gdrive, would Sonarr and Radarr still pick them up automatically after the move?
    2.Would you think that would improve the UI experience? I have no issues when moving with rclone move, but only when Sonarr and Radarr are doing it.

Generally I feel like I'm confusing myself with the point of using the cache. Is the cache basically saving files locally with the same path as on the gdrive and then just move it there (keeping the path) or I'm missing the point of using it?


What's the OS that you are using?

I use mergerfs and hard links for Sonarr/Radarr and an upload script at night to move files. Much less IO and works like a champ.

I'm on Ubuntu. I tried with hardlinks but didn't work really well for me.

I think I was able to set it up, the only think I don't understand is where is the cache stored on my local drive and is there a way to verify that it's working and that it's moving files to the gdrive after an hour?

If you aren't planning to use hard links, anything you do is double storage and double the IO as it has a local copy, it copies to cache and upload so you have two copies.

You can configure where it stores them via:


Thanks, is there a place where I can read about how to use hardlinks and to upload them so that they link automatically in Sonarr/Radarr.

Sorry, if I'm not spotting it in plain sight.

You can't directly with rclone as that's why I use mergerfs as it supports hard links.

You basically do combine a local disk and your rclone mount into one.

Everything writes locally and you can use a hard link on that with Sonarr/Radarr.

I have my mergerfs setup documented here -> https://github.com/animosity22/homescripts

Thanks a lot, will take a look.

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