Rclone + cache Windows mount command

Hi All,
New here to rclone and such… Trying to migrate over from GDFS to avoid bans.
I’m Windows / tech savvy, but can’t quite get these commands right.

I’ve set everything up (Windows) correctly I think… I mainly followed advice here + this post:

My config file looks like this:

type = drive
client_id = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
client_secret = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
scope = drive
root_folder_id = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
token = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

type = cache
remote = GDrive:
plex_url = http://localhost:32400
chunk_size = 10M
info_age = 2d
chunk_total_size = 10G
plex_username = xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
plex_password = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

rclone works (I scanned library). And cache appears to work (“rclone ls GCache” command yields drive contents).

So now what command would I use to mount rclone + cache in Windows?
Thank you!

Start with rclone mount GCache: Q: - the defaults are pretty good. If you want to write things to the mount and you get errors doing that, then add --vfs-cache-mode writes.

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