Rclone cache vs. vfs for Plex and gdrive on windows?

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My setup:
Windows 10, Rclone 1.51.0.

I've got an encrypted gdrive mounted which contains various content.
Then I also have a cache (gcache) which links to this same encrypted drive, but only a specific folder - /plex. I linked my plex details to this as well.
How I understand this:

  • I mount the cache, point Plex to it.
  • If changes are made in this cache, it will automatically upload them to the encrypted gdrive - in this case the Plex folder, keeping the directory structure indexed so Plex has an easier time of indexing and doesn't run through gdrive's API calls and get a ban while scanning.

What ends up happening is after a few files are uploaded, I can no longer access the mounted gcache in Windows explorer until the mount is stopped and remounted again Then, a few more files can upload before the same issue occurs. The regular encrypted drive is still accessible, however, and files can upload to it without issue.

I've got vfs enabled on the encrypted drive to full, however it is not enabled on the gcache.

Mount settings for gdrive itself:
mount drive-cript: i: --config "c:\rclone\rclone.conf" --vfs-cache-mode full --fast-list --tpslimit=10 --drive-chunk-size=1M --vfs-case-insensitive --low-level-retries 99

Mount settings for gcache:
mount --allow-other --allow-non-empty --config "c:\rclone\rclone.conf" gcache: P:

Am I doing something wrong here? Should I just dispense with cache all together and stick to vfs with my mounted I: volume which seems to be doing just fine?

Any help is greatly appreciated since this is all new to me.

it all depends on what you want to do.
you have a very complex setup with two mounts, i: and p:
not sure i have seen that before.
and there should not be a need to --vfs-cache-mode full, perhaps --vfs-cache-mode writes

i have a much simpler setup.
i have a crypted remote, which i mount as m: drive.
intead of plex, i use emby.
i point emby to use m: drive as the library location.
i like emby, as it can run as a portable app, no install.
i do not use a gcache

in fact, in testing, no need for --vfs-cache-mode, streaming works fine, no buffering issues

but i use
--vfs-cache-mode=minimal --dir-cache-time=5m --read-only --allow-other

also, make sure you are using the latest winfsp, v1.6

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