Rclone cache replacing plexdrive

I’m looking into switching from GDrive -> rclone encrypt -> PlexDrive -> Plex and replacing PlexDrive with rclone cache.

The setup seems fairly straightforward. I did have a couple questions that weren’t super clear to me in the documentation

My current structure is to mount the Drive folder using PlexDrive, then using two remotes to do the local decryption and mounting those. I assume I would want to just replace PlexDrive with the rclone cache. This would make my rclone remote structure like:

Google Drive

  • Folder-One (contains encrypted data)
  • Folder-Two (contains encrypted data)

Local Server

  • Mounted rclone cache of Google Drive (replaces mounted PlexDrive of GoogleDrive)
    • Does this need to be mounted or is just having the remote configured enough?
  • Mounted rclone decryption of Folder-One
  • Mounted rclone decryption of Folder-Two

Is that a logical setup to replace PlexDrive with the rclone cache?

Second piece of my question is more around the config flags.

  • cache-info-age
    • I’ve got a second server copying new files to Drive periodically, and that one (while hitting drive.files.list throttles/403 errors) is not using much of the quota
    • Was thinking of setting this to 1h, is that sufficient to avoid bans and most likely not worry about Plex being out of date?
  • cache-total-chunk-size
    • I’ve got plenty of local storage for cache, so I was thinking of raising this to 50G
  • cache-chunk-size
    • The server is an actual dedicated box, any harm in raising this from 5M to 10 or 20M?
  • Plex login
    • Is this my Plex user I’d use to login to the website?
    • Can this be an actual dummy user I create that has access to Plex? I’m always worried putting a real account’s username/password anywhere

Quick bump since I posted on a weekend and those are usually quiet.

i’m no authority, but I just switched from plexdrive v5 to rclone cache/crypt/mount 1.4 after reading a few bits and pieces from more experienced users.

the cache config should specify your encrypted bucket. example: plex_cache: = gdrive_api:bucket
then have a decryption config that points to that cache. plex_cache_decrypted: = plex_cache:
then have rclone mount the decrypted data, via cache. mount plex_cache_decrypted: /plex

as for your other questions I can’t advise one way or the other as it depends on your hardware and connection. just do a few quick experiments.

as for the plex login, i haven’t looked into exactly how this works, but i have added my admin account and noticed that rclone config does some kind of salt/hash - it is up to you whether you trust rclone on that one, i would say

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Thanks for the info @green. I did a mount for the cache directory and have my decryption remote reading from there. Do you think there would be any functional difference? I assume it accomplishes the same thing as having the decrypt pointing to the cache remote.

yeah, i would say functionally the same. specifically NCW says that caching decrypted can lead to temp-bans, but the other way does not.

Perfect. I can change it if I run into issues, but no temp bans so far. The number of throttle errors have gone down a bit, but so far so good.