RClone Cache Quesiton

Does anyone have the beta rclone cache working successfully? Scanning through the forums and through the documentation; does anyone just have a generic solution to the cache? The information regarding it seems too scattered :smiley:

Been using it for a week for both plex and sonarr/radarr.
It’s nice to have the ability to write to it with a safety net of the upload cache, so no more unionfs/script work.
Downsides, it sometimes doesn’t pickup the API calls to say a file changed and I have to killall -HUP rclone to purge the cache in its entirety, the other option being to wait out the upto 48 hour expiry time I set.

As for plex playback and scanning, it’s a little slower than plexdrive by default but I prefer the conservative side of it rather than risk a ban!

Been testing it for some time on windows 2016 server, since I also wanted simplify my processes.

Unfortunately, for me the solutions is not currently production ready/passed the WAF test.

Uploads are too unstable compared to normal rclone move. Sonarr/Radarr started picking up partial written files etc.

The cache needs to pick up changes from the cloud. Just a timeout is not enough for users like us using it for plex and alike since we want a full directory cache up-to-date all the time.

Therefore, for me I am sticking with plexdrive for now.

I use it with Plex/Sonarr/Radarr…

Working well. It is significantly slower compare without cache, but fairly enough to only one stream on Plex. (Normally, only me use it)

I’m interested to see if the cache works well on windows environments, may test it myself just to see if it performs as linux does.