Rclone cache - plex empty videos


i realized that my mount logfile is enourmous growing, so i took a look into and found following issue which is occuring if a file is played through plex:

2018/03/15 09:22:50 ERROR : plex: empty videos: map[MediaContainer:map[size:1 Metadata:[map[User:map[thumb:https://plex.tv/users/1881060efc3efe39/avatar?c=1521104351 title:MediaVerse id:1] sessionKey:1 Writer:[map[tag:Michael LeSieur count:2 filter:writer=79573 id:79573] map[count:2 filter:writer=79573 id:79573 tag:Michael LeSieur]] Role:[map[tag:Zach Galifianakis thumb:http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/vhNUOBLnAZIHlJ7EUu6eQUE4NJ9.jpg count:10 filter:actor=33205 id:33205 role:Jeff Gaffney] map[count:9 filter:actor=29665 id:29665 role:Karen Gaffney tag:Isla Fisher thumb:http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/15aRHYLwt9xJWv8PCcxV7ylc4qZ.jpg] map[filter:actor=22122 id:22122 role:Tim Jones tag:Jon Hamm thumb:http://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/wb14AA6u8dqA0XNweRIeKXatzzc.jpg count:10]

Someone has also such issues? I readded the cache Endpoint and refreshed the plex token but no luck…

Thanks and best wishes

Hi, I ran into the exact same issue today. It almost looks like as seen chunk is downloading for a Plex video playing the entire metadata dump is being thrown into the log file, and makes it grow really fast. Almost as if the Plex verbose logs are being piped into rclone logs.


rclone v1.39-207-g01753329β

  • os/arch: linux/amd64
  • go version: go1.10

Sample of an error log:

ERROR : plex: empty videos: map[MediaContainer:map[size:1 Metadata:[map[Director:[map[tag:Kim Jee-woon count:2 filter:director=5451 id:5451]] art:/library/metadata/19665/art/1520846045 audienceRating:8.6 librarySectionTitle:Movies key:/library/metadata/19665 primaryExtraKey:/library/metadata/19666 Session:map[id:fy2isfua bandwidth:26592 location:wan] year:2010 originalTitle:악마를 보았다 ratingImage:rottentomatoes://image.rating.ripe tagline:Abandon all compassion. User:map[id:9258759 thumb:https://plex.tv/users/db6c67bc15532d2c/avatar?c=1520076045 t] type:
blah blah etc

So like I said this is happening at every chunk, I do not have rclone in -vv mode, I do have a cache . Here is the mount command - this only started happening this morning. :

rclone mount --allow-non-empty --allow-other --bwlimit=“90M” --cache-workers=12 --cache-writes --cache-db-purge cache: /home/plex/blah --log-file="/home/plex/logs/rclone_mount.log" &

Thank you.

@remus.bunduc what do you think? Is this a new regression?

Hmm yes. That log shouldn’t be an error. I’ll push the fix today hopefully it catches 1.40


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The fix is pushed but that still indicates that a response from Plex was weird and did not contain the expected format.

Would you be so kind to verify what’s the version of your Plex server? It might be that some older (or newer?) versions have a different API response in which case I need to document a recommendation.
And also if the Plex integration still works of course for what version you’re running.

@prc2k10 @kdeezy

my Plex Version ist:
Thanks i will try this beta.
But i am really sure that i updated the plex server few days before the error was logged the first time.

Yeah it’s quite likely the plexpass builds have changed prior to the server being published for all users (probably a few weeks until that)

I rolled back to public and the log spam is gone and “confirmed reading by external reader” entries are working again.

2 options at this point cause I also don’t see the file names in the plex logs posted around here:

  • disable the Plex integration from rclone (scans will be more hungry and prefetch more data - but shouldn’t really cause 503s)
  • roll back to an earlier version of Plex

I’ll have to research this a bit and see if the Plex API is still able to tell us what actual file on disk is playing. Problem to that is that I also don’t have the build but I might have a way to get it.

By the way, to avoid copy pasting in 2 places: the same discussion is in an issue too: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/2102