Rclone Cache Playing Only One Item

Through my rclone cache of an encrypted remote, and a third-party encryption mount on top of the rclone cache mount, I am unable to play more then one item at a time in Plex. Is this proper behavior? My mount settings are below,

rclone mount gdriveCryptCache: files/rclone/gdriveCrypt
–dir-cache-time 160h
–cache-chunk-size 10M
–cache-info-age 168h
–cache-workers 8
–buffer-size 0M
–fuse-flag sync_read
–umask 000
–log-level INFO
–log-file .tmp/gdriveCryptCache-cache.log &

I’d suggest trying it out without the 3rd party mount and just play directly to remove that from the equation as it’s not normal.

That’s the encryption program.

Previously my setup was Netdrive to gocryptfs to Plex. Now I’m aiming for rclone cache to gocryptfs to Plex.

A few reasons for switching. One, I remember having to create multiple mapped drives in Netdrive and gocryptfs to play multiple items and not being able to play two items from the same library at the same time, or not being able to scan a library at the same time as one was watching something from that same library.

Example mount structure :
NetdriveTVShows H:/ gocryptfsTVShows J:/ Plex would scan J:/Media/TV Shows
NetdriveMovies K:/ gocryptfsMovies L:/ Plex would scan L:/Media/Movies
so on and so forth for each different library I had in Plex.

My aim for this is moving from a windows server here at my house, to a linux seedbox where I could have better remote streaming.

Are you table to test with removing the 3rd party encryption and just use rclone?

No, the files themselves are encrypted. The cache returns encrypted files. See an edit to my previous comment for further detail. Thanks for your help, this morning. I have to run off to work for now though.

I’d try to copy a few files outside of the extra program and try playing them and validate it’s the 3rd party program causing the interference.

Can you post some logs of what’s happening when you are playing multiple files?

Shoot, never hit reply on this. It’s working now. The cause was/is a silent error in Plex. https://forums.plex.tv/t/error-code-s3015-media/232256/22