Rclone cache mount triggering Plex Partial Scans

I’ve tried searching for someone with a similar setup as mine but i have had no luck so here goes.

I use a seedbox to download my shows and movies, from the seedbox, i use a google compute engine to transfer the files from the seedbox to google drive, this google drive is then mounted locally on my Mac using rclone cache and then pointed to Plex running on that same machine. My question is, is there anyway for Plex to see that a new file has been added and run a partial scan in that directory? Looking at the file manager for the mount, new files do show up after being uploaded to drive, but those don’t seem to trigger plex scans, is there a way to make them trigger the scans?

Best thing to use is something like this:

It handles notifying plex once a download completes from Sonarr/Radarr.

I have taken a look at this, unfortunately, i don’t use sonarr or radarr, all the processing and renaming is done on the seedbox and the processed files are then transferred to drive, does this work without sonarr and radarr? and would it be able to run on mac os?

I’d surmise is probably runs on a mac, but you can also use it for drive monitoring and trigger a scan, albeit, I don’t use that.

Just posting this here instead anyone has a similar setup as mine, i ended up using

it required a bit of tweaking, namely pointing it to right plex scanner directory on mac os and changing the regex it uses to match the log formats of mac but other than that, it seems to be working well.

The Google Drive monitoring might be easier as well:

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