RClone Cache - Force Update?


sometimes there are problems with rclone cache… when i create an new top folder with upload new files the Cached mount takes hours to show me the new folder…
When i only upload new files into an exist folder the update are fast…

What can i do to force an Update or something like that…


I had similar issues (wasn’t updating at all, rather than just slowly) and all I needed to do was download the latest beta rather than using 1.41.

There is also a command “rc cache/expire” which allows you to force the cache expiration of either a whole directory or any of it’s sub-directories.

and what are the complete command?

rclone rc cache/expire “GSuiteCrypt:Plex Cloud Crypted/”


I’m also interested in this? I need to do a reinstall of my server but first I want to upload all files in the cache. Tips / feedback?

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Kill -SIGHUP 12345

Where 12345 is the pid of the rclone mount service

A kill with the sighup only rebuilds the cache.db. He was asking about the cache_tmp_upload files and those are based on your wait time and it may take some time as it only spawns 1 worker I believe.

Good point… that’s me not reading properly. Oops

So currently there is no way to force an upload?

Why don’t you set a lower https://rclone.org/cache/#cache-tmp-wait-time-duration ? I use something like 15 minutes.