Rclone bwlimit across all rclone instances

I usually run a mounted Gdrive with Rclone and then use another rclone instance to move files to the Gdrive. The question i have is if there is any way to limit uploading to 7M across all the rclone instances (to the same drive)?

Is there a native way to do this in rclone or do you need to do some kind of check based on number of processes then limit based on that through scripting and --RC?

You’d just use --bwlimit 7M for each instance when you start it. Are you trying to do something else?

You mean share the --bwlimit across multiple rclone instances? The answer is no at the moment…

You could limit it via scripting, or you could run rclone rcd --bwlimit 7M then use rclone rc commands to actually do the copying… That might work too.

Can I infer that --bwlimit is applied to all jiobs running on a single rclone instance?

The concept of running rclone as a daemon and having several asynchronous jobs running under it is cool and I can see a lot of potential given the API improves.

Yes that is correct.

:smile: Let me know if you need some more API!

Yeah that was kind of what i wanted to do!
Run a single instance of Rclone then do:
“rclone rc sync/copy --bwlimit=4M --rc-user=** --rc-pass=** srcFs=“path\to\folder” dstFs=“EDUcrypt:test” _async=true” (Unfortunately you can only copy folders not specific files it seems)

Through that you get a JobID which you can keep track of to see the status of the transfer (which would help your web GUI :smiley: ).
The transfer works but it would be awesome to be able to limit the transferspeed of a single async upload to allow the gdrive to be used while files are transfering without hogging the entire line.

Managing/monitoring async jobs individually will require new APIs, but I’m glad that @ncw is open to that!

So the time being, I’ve decided to keep on instance of rclone “per job” that I run and wrap it with a script that provides some extra information for use by the GUI monitor. This way the main bwlimit is usable (still trying to find a way to “retrieve” the current bwlimit setting).

Will definitely do!! :smiley::smiley:

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