Rclone browser seems abondaned, any alternative?

Sorry this may not indeed rclone itself, but the browser helps.

  1. no active development or even the author have no response on github

  2. the current .zip files dunt even have checksums, I, for security reasons,
    do not want to run them.

Any comments?


The only one I see is rcloneOSX

This page has some third party integrations with rclone.

There were some talks about getting mc (Midnight Commander) to work with a rclone remote (which would be very nice as it doesn’t need X) VFS plugin for mc . As you can see things didn’t progress much but what’s worse it seems that the simplest way to do this would be via mc-lua … which is a fork of mc but even if the developer is responding still is based on a rather old mc (and it’s unknown if any fixes will ever be ported there).


1 way I wanna use rclone browser is at least to dig out the path of a file in a google drive.

The web interface of google drive even wont let you get the path to a file easily.

rclone browser can do that easily, it’s open source, but not signed, no md5sum on site.

I found goodsync, which is close source, signed, I now run it under sandboxie per 30days and then reinstall.
It at least let me find the file path easily and with trust.

ps: goodsync shd be able to compare 2 remotes and double verify rclone’s sync. (I am
paranoid and always double check).
but goodsync seems not working for me, I duno why.

I have forked original rclone browser and made it great again :slight_smile: https://github.com/kapitainsky/RcloneBrowser/releases

Fixed old bugs and added new features. Works like a new one.


:smiley: Well done!

Maybe we should bring this under the github.com/rclone organization? What do you think? It would give it better visibility? Email me nick@craig-wood.com if you'd like to discuss futher!

Nice! Will have to check this out now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update, but please include the necessary Visual C++ (or whatever it is) DLL, so that no additional download is needed :heart_eyes:

I've been using DinCahill's forked version for almost a year now, and that also still works great. Would love to give yours a try, though.

Do you mean that you have problem running my release? All required libraries are included:


Or if it does not work could you please let me know what error you see?

OK. I managed to reproduce it on fresh VM Windows install. I guess many people have required runtime from other apps. I will update next release accordingly.

I don't really know Windows and only use it in virtual environment for Rclone Browser dev.

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Fixed. The latest release has been updated with missing dll:


It only affected people without installed VC runtime - and as it is part of many other programs the issues was not wide spread.

All future releases will include this file. I understand why Windows is so bloated now:)

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Just wanted to bump this for greater exposure. Thanks to @kapitainsky for creating this updated version of Rclone Browser. It works great!

Of note: Unlike older versions, this new one requires installation of the latest Visual C++ 2015/2017/2019 Redistributable. You can find it here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads


BTW -I have rectified runtime issue and now windows release contains all required libraries. Should work out of the box without installing anything.

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Advantage of rclone browser over rclone mount?

I use both.
You want to poke around your remote and copy few files in or out. Use mount.
You want to sync 500GB of data or copy 1million files out. Don’t even bother with mount. Use rclone cmd or rclone browser which is rclone GUI for some of us lazy to type all option in terminal

What program was used to change Rclone Browser? Because I'm from Brazil and wanted to translate it.

Hello, I'v some endpoint S3 (minio) with x509 certificate signed by unknown authority, is there any flags that i can use to bypass this problem? I tried to set rclone command as: rclone.exe --no-check-certficate without success.

@bbassotti can you post a new topic about this with a bit more info - thanks.

using the command line rclone --no-check-certificate it ok is there any flag for the rclonebrowser gui?

I don't know I'm afraid... Is there a place you can put general purpose flags?