Rclone-browser not showing googledocs

I'm a Google Drive desktop user on Windows, but now I'm trying to find a good alternative for Linux (Ubuntu 22.04). It's not being easy for me right now.
Installed rclone browser. The browser shows all files except those created with Google (docs, sheets, ). Maybe not having an extension is a problem...
Could you help me?

This is rclone forum.

Rclone-browser is different program.

My apologies. Thank you so much.

No problem. You should try using rclone command line directly. It gives you all features and full control.

Sure. Seems to be a very powerful tool. I'm going to learn about it.
But, please, could you tell me if would be possible my wished scenary?: Using the file manager (Nautilus in my case) to navigate, copy, rename, move and also open the files as in GDrive Desktop (open google docs/sheets using the web browser, and open *.ods, *.odt using LibreOffice and saving directly in GDrive)
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This is fantastic! Neither insync nor overgrive, this is the way!

rclone mount --vfs-cache-mode writes --drive-export-formats link.html GDc: /home/toni/GDconservacio
Using the file manager now I can list files, open/modify gdocs with the web browser and open/create Libreoffice documents with that program and save them directly from Libreoffice to google drive.
But... retrieving the file/folder list is slowwwww.... Could I do something to improve the speed?

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Have a look at this systemd service file example:

It is for dropbox but the same logic applies to gdrive.

I would say the key is to use VFS full caching mode. Rest is tweaking.

kapitainsky, excuse-me for abusing of your help. I should have post this question as a new topic

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