Rclone Browser - multiple servers?

Love the Rclone Browser product.

Using Windows Desktop and monitoring Linux Servers

I have multiple servers in our location. I would like to use Rclone Browser to view their contents, last date backed up etc in an instant.

I have mapped the network drives from 2 servers so that I could point to one or the others folder as the location for the rclone.conf file.

However I am finding there is no way for me to monitor both without manually changing the location of the rclone.conf file each time I launch the software.

It would be nice to allow multiple rclone.conf file locations in a dropdown to extend the application in this way.

I have tried simply creating 2 rclone-browser folders but it seems the rclone.conf path in preferences is being saved somewhere in windows.

Any thoughts on this?


Merge your .conf files?

Nailed it !

Didn’t even consider that. I created a new conf file called ‘merged.conf’ and dropped in the needed configs and wallah!

Thank you.