Rclone bisync incorrectly recovers deleted files

I use rclone bisync to synchronize a local folder with a nextcloud folder. however, when i delete a file from the local folder, it gets copied again from nextcloud, instead of deleting it. And when I delete a file from nextcloud, it gets copied from the local folder.

rclone bisync --resync --force --remove-empty-dirs --verbose /my_local_folder nextcloud:folder

rclone v1.63.0
nextcloud.com 27.0.1

how to solve this?

  1. Update rclone to the latest version (1.63.1)

  2. read documentation about bisync and follow basics:

  • Run bisync with the --resync flag, specifying the paths to the local and remote sync directory roots.
  • For successive sync runs, leave off the --resync flag.
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