Rclone bind or symbolic link

Lets say i have directory “work” on gdrive.
I share it with someone, it has to be over webdav or http (not mount).

so i do:
rclone serve webdav gdrive:work

Now after some time i need to give this person additional files, which are in directory work2.
I could copy work2/* into work but is wasting space.
Better option would be something like bind or symbolic link in linux

so i would be able to just:
rclone bind gdrive:work2 gdrive:work

instead of
rclone copy gdrive:work2 gdrive:work

and it would be great if rclone could remember it after restarting.

remote UNION is something like that, but it cant be done dynamically without restarting rclone?

so it would be great to make editing config file with remote type UNION to add 2 options:
1.When editing it, adding new shares dirs, to add values without nee to retype all
(currently when i edit remote i have to add all directories again

for example: if my union named uns contains
when i press EDIT
it is empty, i have to type or paste
gdrive:work gdrive:work2
and better would be if this gdrive:work would stay in place, so i could only type:

2.Dynamically reload it in rclone without needing to restart

See issue:

Drive lets folders appear in multiple places in the directory heirachy which would work exactly like a bind mount in linux.

I’m not sure how you would do that though - it is certainly possible with the API.

It might be possible to add an rclone rc command to dynamically adjust the union backend. You’d probably have to flush the directory cache on the mount too to avoid things getting confused.