Rclone beta downloads not working properly

@ncw Nick, I think there's something wrong with the beta downloads. They all download a zero byte file. This is with Chrome on Windows, normal and incognito. Started happening yesterday.

Stable releases via downloads.rclone.org are fine. Seems like only beta.rclone.org is affected.

Also just noticed that the downloads for the stable releases on tip.rclone.org all point to a yet unreleased 1.60.0 version, which leads to dead links.

Same here. I haven't been able to download anything from beta.rclone.org since yesterday.

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I'll check it out in a bit.

beta.rclone.org is served from an rclone mount so if there is an rclone bug I will try to track that down.

Should be fixed now - the disk had got full :frowning:

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Thanks! All good now.

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