Rclone auto password fill up

i got a public windows remote desktop. i don't want someone else get access to my rclone. so i encrypt the file with rclone password. now if i want to download batch file rclone keep asking password for each file download. is there anyway we can set ask password only one time? here is a sample rclone batch script download i using

@echo off
rclone copy "remotename:aa.txt" "D:\Main\test"
rclone copy "remotename:aad.txt" "D:\Main\test"

any other suggestion how to keep secure my rclone info?

the easist way is to add this to the script.
set RCLONE_CONFIG_PASS=thesecretpassword

that is documented here, alond with other more secure options

perfect, but password still can be compromised because batch script has the password :stuck_out_tongue:

here is an idea. i make a folder. i make server side copy and then download the folder to public remote desktop? any other idea?

yes, that is correct, and no solution is 100%. there are other options in the documentation.

of course, the bigger problem is exposing a windows computer with rdp onto the internet.

in a batch file, you can run as many command as you need to.

you would have to explain your use-case and then i could try to offer a solution.

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