Rclone as pure remote storage provider

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In some cases it is necessary to use a custom script to extract data and manage backups, such as, for example, Zmbackup for Zimbra OSE. These scripts lead to problems when the amount of extracted data approaches the free space available. Being able to use remote storage could be a solution.

Considering that rclone is able to connect with many cloud storage services, I was wondering if it was possible to use it "only" :slight_smile: as a remote storage provider, allowing custom scripts to access (write/read/delete/append) remote storage (at least for those services that use something like WebDAV/SFTP that allow you to mount a remote share on the local filesystem).

It's possible?

You can mount remotes.

rclone mount

and execute whatever you want like a local file system.

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Many thanks @Animosity022 . I run to read it.

As already mentioned, mount can work. So too can serve webdav or serve http.

I used to serve webdav for my remotes but moved to instead mounting (with cache) and using rclone as a general purpose webdav server for the whole VPS. (There are others but rclone's WebDAV also does an http listing which I really apprecicate)

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