Rclone and Yandex

Continuing the discussion from Rclone and Yandex.Disk (2022-09 summary):

@Korwin, can we continue this discussion? This seems to be a real problem when using the service and I'm just wondering if there's anything that you managed to figure out or do about it?


If, since the closure of my topic, no other topics have appeared on the forum about problems with rclone working with cloud storage from Yandex, I have no objections to continuing the discussion in my topic. However, I do not have the authority to open a topic to post new comments.

No, we could neither find out the reasons for the problems working with Yandex, nor get help from their support service. Its adequacy and desire to meet the needs of the client paying for their services have been questioned many times. We did not get the impression that you could do business with them being confident in their reliability.

In addition, I am sure that Yandex has not undergone any positive changes over the past four years, but has become worse in many ways. Now, being state monopolists of the Russian market with mail,ru, they have no reason to make efforts to improve their services. And their ability to do this after leaving the country of its most qualified specialists has become significantly less.

@Korwin, that makes sense. Thanks a lot for your reply. I'm just looking for a solution that can handle a few TBs of data tbh. Although not great, at least this is one of the options that can be considered, unlike others that have hard-capped their storage limits.

Would you happy to know or could you recommend something that you're using at the moment after the whole Google Workspace issue?


@Korwin, it's all good. Thank you for your reply and you trying to help. The situation is crazy but I'm sure there's a way. There's always a way. Maybe not rn, but eventually there is. We'll keep looking :slight_smile:

We were forced to technologically roll back 25 years to the days of shared folders on the local network and VPNs. I would not recommend this solution to anyone now, in the 21st century. There is a feeling that after the sanctions and boycotts came into force, we found ourselves in the Stone Age. Actually, this is the goal that the civilized world has achieved in relation to my country. It’s hard to avoid mentioning politics in a situation where, because of it, you are forced to live as if you were back in the 90s. Sorry I couldn't help you.