Rclone amazon api key


It seems like acd_cli might of had it’s api key revoked, there is something funny going on over on the github repository. The issues section has been removed and a strange warning “Please be aware that your private data may end up visible to other users”

so really my question is could the same happen to rclone ?

Does rclone have an api key from after the time they went invite only and made the api keys almost impossible to get?

as at the moment I can still mount the amazon drive using rclone, but if rclone loses api access as well we are gonna be a bit stuffed…

There is some additional info here:


woa. what the hell is that? What is going on?

ACD_CLI is just using a API key and a auth token. It sure seems suspect that there is a problem on Amazon’s side that exposes someone elses data. acd_cli shouldn’t be able to do that even if it tried. I have some data in ACD that is not encrypted. I need to immediately address that. :frowning:

They are using some other method to get a auth key. I wonder if that has something to do with it. I wonder how that compares to how rclone does it. @ncw?