Rclone 1.55.1 release

Rclone 1.55.1 has been released. Find it here https://rclone.org/downloads/ or use rclone selfupdate to upgrade.

This is a bugfix release containing a lot of little fixes, the most important ones being the fixes to the SFTP and Dropbox backends.

Note that because of a bug in rclone selfupdate fixed in this release, if you run rclone selfupdate it might not work this time on non Windows/macOS platforms. Do give it a try though!

v1.55.1 - 2021-04-26

See commits

  • Bug Fixes
    • selfupdate
      • Dont detect FUSE if build is static (Ivan Andreev)
      • Add build tag noselfupdate (Ivan Andreev)
    • sync: Fix incorrect error reported by graceful cutoff (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • install.sh: fix macOS arm64 download (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • build: Fix version numbers in android branch builds (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • docs
      • Contributing.md: update setup instructions for go1.16 (Nick Gaya)
      • WinFsp 2021 is out of beta (albertony)
      • Minor cleanup of space around code section (albertony)
      • Fixed some typos (albertony)
  • VFS
    • Fix a code path which allows dirty data to be removed causing data loss (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Compress
    • Fix compressed name regexp (buengese)
  • Drive
    • Fix backend copyid of google doc to directory (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Don't open browser when service account... (Ansh Mittal)
  • Dropbox
    • Add missing team_data.member scope for use with --impersonate (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix About after scopes changes - rclone config reconnect needed (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix Unable to decrypt returned paths from changeNotify (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • FTP
    • Fix implicit TLS (Ivan Andreev)
  • Onedrive
    • Work around for random "Unable to initialize RPS" errors (OleFrost)
  • SFTP
    • Revert sftp library to v1.12.0 from v1.13.0 to fix performance regression (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Fix Update ReadFrom failed: failed to send packet: EOF errors (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Zoho
    • Fix error when region isn't set (buengese)
    • Do not ask for mountpoint twice when using headless setup (buengese)

thanks much for the ever improving documentation.

tho i am not seeing a change at https://rclone.org/commands/rclone_mount/#installing-on-windows
"To run rclone mount on Windows, you will need to download and install WinFsp" points to
http://www.secfs.net/winfsp/ which if you click the download button, which will download the old version

perhaps the docs should point to https://github.com/billziss-gh/winfsp/releases/tag/v1.9

I've asked Bill about that...

I'd rather not point to a specific version, but we could point to https://github.com/billziss-gh/winfsp/releases?

agreed. that is the correct link. thanks

Love selfupdate! Worked flawless for me on windows.

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