Rclone 1.53.2 release?

@ncw Not sure whether this question belongs to the development category. :slight_smile: Is there a target date or plan to do a 1.53.2 release?

Have a look at github. There are a few informations about the milestones. Point release are only for fixes I think, but not shure.

I have a 1.53.2 release ready to go.

If you want to try an rc then find the latest here: https://beta.rclone.org/branch/v1.53-stable/

I should probably release it soon as I've got a very busy week coming up

Testing appreciated!


Thanks for the update! I have been running my stress tests of VFS cache resets combined with VFS ops using the most recent v.1.53-stable beta in the past 15 hours without any problem. Also tried some Rclone copies to S3 through chunker with success.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I'll try to push this release out over the weekend as it has quite a few changes in now.

Unfortunately my integration test machine has broken so I'll have to fix that first...


Hi @ncw, any update on the current plan for 1.53.2 release?

you have asked three times

is there a specific feature you must have right now, that is not in v1.53.1?

I will try to make a release next week. Unfortunately I've been having to deal with the unexpected death of a close family member which has been hard and very distracting. I should be a lot freer next week.

@leoluan - I know you are anxious for the VFS fixes to go in - it won't be long now hopefully!

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