Rclone 1.52.3 release

Here is a small point release with a few fixes in. I should have released this a couple of weeks ago - sorry!

This will be the last point release for 1.52 (barring emergencies!).

v1.52.3 - 2020-08-07

See commits

  • Bug Fixes
    • docs
      • Disable smart typography (eg en-dash) in MANUAL.* and man page (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • Update install.md to reflect minimum Go version (Evan Harris)
      • Update install from source instructions (Nick Craig-Wood)
      • make_manual: Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH (Morten Linderud)
    • log: Fix --use-json-log going to stderr not --log-file on Windows (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • serve dlna: Fix file list on Samsung Series 6+ TVs (Matteo Pietro Dazzi)
    • sync: Fix deadlock with --track-renames-strategy modtime (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Cache
    • Fix moveto/copyto remote:file remote:file2 (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Drive
    • Stop using root_folder_id as a cache (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Make dangling shortcuts appear in listings (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Drop "Disabling ListR" messages down to debug (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Workaround and policy for Google Drive API (Dmitry Ustalov)
  • FTP
    • Add note to docs about home vs root directory selection (Nick Craig-Wood)
  • Onedrive
    • Fix reverting to Copy when Move would have worked (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Avoid comma rendered in URL in onedrive.md (Kevin)
  • Pcloud
  • S3
    • Fix bucket Region auto detection when Region unset in config (Nick Craig-Wood)

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