Rclone 1.43 -> change in code


That’s what I did but it doesn’t work. Only replaced the old RcloneBrowser.exe with the new one.


your config file is stored where ?


In my user’s profile folder. Maybe I need to chnage it?


I didn’t compile the Windows one myself so I can’t help you with that, sorry.


You can specify the config file path on Rclone Browser. Go preferences > .rclone.conf location.


I did it, but I think that maybe can be some error with Rclone because qhen I try to push in CONFIGURE button, it shows only one sec the cmd window and closes it inmediatly.

I tried rclone 1.39, 1.41, 1.43 and lastest beta.


Forgot to update with @jonaknop latest builds. Here’s a new Windows one. Try it and let is know.


There is also a .deb file for Linux users here:



Hi, I am the developer of rcloneOSX and you are right, it is primarily for backup now… But that might change if I get some advices of what kind of functionality is wanted… rcloneOSX is a port of a GUI for rsync and my knowledge about rclone (and use) is very limited…my plan is anyway to spend more time on rclone this winter and enhance rcloneOSX… and it is a native mac app and there is no plan to port it to other OS


First of all, thank you for sharing the file. But I’m still having a problem with the executable, I can’t add the configuration file and the remotes don’t appear.


I haven’t had the issue in Windows, but when testing the software for Ubuntu I had the same issue. What I had done was setup my drives in rclone and then started RcloneBrowser and tried to set it up there. For some reason that didn’t work, so I deleted the .config folder that rclone makes and configurated my drives through RcloneBrowser. After that I’ve had no issues with it.


Sorry for the delay, now is working fine! Thank you so much!

RClone GUI suggestions needed

Works great with the latest rclone, Thanks! :sunglasses:



Is it possible to make server side copy show the status bare like a normal copy transfere? It is not easy to see the data transfer, know it is only cosmetic, but wood be nice to se the statusbare in Rclone Browser???


The server side copies should appear in the “Transferring” section of the --stats


stats is not working on Rclone Browser


File not available anymore…