Rclone 1.43.1 release

Rclone v1.43.1 been released to fix two bad bugs which stopped hubic and the azureblob backends working. Many apologies - lessons have been learned :blush:

If you aren’t using hubic or azure blob there is no need to upgrade.

Download from: https://rclone.org/downloads/

See Rclone 1.43 release for info on the changes in 1.43 in general.

v1.43.1 - 2018-09-07

Point release to fix hubic and azureblob backends.

  • Bug Fixes
    • ncdu: Return error instead of log.Fatal in Show (Fabian Möller)
    • cmd: Fix crash with --progress and --stats 0 (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • docs: Tidy website display (Anagh Kumar Baranwal)
  • Azure Blob:
    • Fix multi-part uploads. (sandeepkru)
  • Hubic
    • Fix uploads (Nick Craig-Wood)
    • Retry auth fetching if it fails to make hubic more reliable (Nick Craig-Wood)

Nice, thanks!

But Hubic will close son, they made lost all my files


Here is the link: https://www.ovh.co.uk/subscriptions-hubic-ended/ so sounds like they are closing to new subscriptions, but still carrying on running indefinitely while they look for a buyer.