Rclone 1.39 released

I’m proud to announce the release of rclone 1.39.

A bumper set of changes indeed!

I’d also like to welcome our new maintainers Ishuah Kariuki who has been doing an excellent job fixing lots of issues and Remus Bunduc who has contributed the cache backend.

  • v1.39 - 2017-12-23
    • New backends
      • WebDAV
        • tested with nextcloud, owncloud, put.io and others!
      • Pcloud
      • cache - wraps a cache around other backends (Remus Bunduc)
        • useful in combination with mount
        • NB this feature is in beta so use with care
    • New commands
      • serve command with subcommands:
        • serve webdav: this implements a webdav server for any rclone remote.
        • serve http: command to serve a remote over HTTP
      • config: add sub commands for full config file management
        • create/delete/dump/edit/file/password/providers/show/update
      • touch: to create or update the timestamp of a file (Jakub Tasiemski)
    • New Features
      • curl install for rclone (Filip Bartodziej)
      • –stats now shows percentage, size, rate and ETA in condensed form (Ishuah Kariuki)
      • –exclude-if-present to exclude a directory if a file is present (Iakov Davydov)
      • rmdirs: add --leave-root flag (lewpam)
      • move: add --delete-empty-src-dirs flag to remove dirs after move (Ishuah Kariuki)
      • Add --dump flag, introduce --dump requests, responses and remove --dump-auth, --dump-filters
        • Obscure X-Auth-Token: from headers when dumping too
      • Document and implement exit codes for different failure modes (Ishuah Kariuki)
    • Compile
    • Bug Fixes
      • Retry lots more different types of errors to make multipart transfers more reliable
      • Save the config before asking for a token, fixes disappearing oauth config
      • Warn the user if --include and --exclude are used together (Ernest Borowski)
      • Fix duplicate files (eg on Google drive) causing spurious copies
      • Allow trailing and leading whitespace for passwords (Jason Rose)
      • ncdu: fix crashes on empty directories
      • rcat: fix goroutine leak
      • moveto/copyto: Fix to allow copying to the same name
    • Mount
      • –vfs-cache mode to make writes into mounts more reliable.
        • this requires caching files on the disk (see --cache-dir)
        • As this is a new feature, use with care
      • Use sdnotify to signal systemd the mount is ready (Fabian Möller)
      • Check if directory is not empty before mounting (Ernest Borowski)
    • Local
      • Add error message for cross file system moves
      • Fix equality check for times
    • Dropbox
      • Rework multipart upload
        • buffer the chunks when uploading large files so they can be retried
        • change default chunk size to 48MB now we are buffering them in memory
        • retry every error after the first chunk is done successfully
      • Fix error when renaming directories
    • Swift
      • Fix crash on bad authentication
    • Google Drive
      • Add service account support (Tim Cooijmans)
    • S3
      • Make it work properly with Digital Ocean Spaces (Andrew Starr-Bochicchio)
      • Fix crash if a bad listing is received
      • Add support for ECS task IAM roles (David Minor)
    • Backblaze B2
      • Fix multipart upload retries
      • Fix --hard-delete to make it work 100% of the time
    • Swift
      • Allow authentication with storage URL and auth key (Giovanni Pizzi)
      • Add new fields for swift configuration to support IBM Bluemix Swift (Pierre Carlson)
      • Add OS_TENANT_ID and OS_USER_ID to config
      • Allow configs with user id instead of user name
      • Check if swift segments container exists before creating (John Leach)
      • Fix memory leak in swift transfers (upstream fix)
    • SFTP
      • Add option to enable the use of aes128-cbc cipher (Jon Fautley)
    • Amazon cloud drive
      • Fix download of large files failing with “Only one auth mechanism allowed”
    • crypt
      • Option to encrypt directory names or leave them intact
      • Implement DirChangeNotify (Fabian Möller)
    • onedrive
      • Add option to choose resourceURL during setup of OneDrive Business account if more than one is available for user

So does this replace plexdrive? I’m really trying to get rid of it simply the process. For our script on http://plexguide.com, the only thing rclone is used for is to move files to google drive with the bandwidth limit and works extremely well. Hopefully this cache feature is a replacement. Write now, our unionfs is a merger of the local drive and plexdrive. Files bounce to the local drive and sync via rclone. Any news on the caching feature working in such a way?

That is the plan eventually. I don’t think we are quite there yet but we are getting there :slight_smile:

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ok sounds good, i had a few people ask me already. whenever it’s done, we look forward to it :smiley: just having rclone as one source will make life much easier. keep up the hardwork!

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@ncw how do we use DirChangeNotify for crypt ?

Hello there,

Great! I already use this version with Google drive >> Cache >> Crypt way. (with dir cache and file cache with writeing mode)

I set my Plex acc. when i create the cache storage. My question is that how to check that is working or not, in rclone log, i dont found any sign that it is working or not…

Awesome, thanks for all the hard work. I coincidentally pulled rclone to my mac via Brew yesterday, and thought “Hmm, don’t remember 1.39 being released”. :smiley:

@ncw, is extracting to a mount now possible (ACD or GSuite)?

Old thread: https://forum.rclone.org/t/extracting-to-acd-mount-possible/

crypt should pass through the notifications fine so you shouldn’t have to do anything in particular

If you use --vfs-cache-mode writes then you should be able to extract to a mount fine. It is new code, so test with care.

Thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile:

Just to clarify: I would have to use that flag on the mount command, right?

What if I just want to cache the one file I’m reading at that moment and not the entire drive? Say video file opened in vlc? After the change I’m still not sure which setting tackles that scenario.

Yes that is correct, use on rclone mount.

the vfs cache will cache individual files if set to --vfs-cache-mode full - however it will download them in their entirety before playing. The cache backend is probably what you want for this…