Rclone 1.36 logging changes problem

Is there any way with the logging changes to get back to where the only thing put in the log files are the stats output? I can’t seem to find a way to get rid of the “Copied (New)” line items or other INFO level output, and I really don’t need or want those. I get an error saying that you can’t combine -v (which is necessary to even see the stats lines at all) and --log-level (which I was hoping would let me turn off the INFO lines and set to ERROR only)

Other than the obvious of the log files are tremendously bigger this way, I have a 2 times a day email script that knows exactly how many lines the stat outputs are so I would always get a nice clean email when I would pull in the latest 13 lines of the logs on version 1.35. But now this doesn’t work at all because of all the extra stuff.

Hoping there is a simple set of options I’m missing or if not, that it would be worthy to add this back in.

Thanks for the incredible software overall, I can’t believe how great this works and have been thrilled with it for the last couple months. I’m just shy of completing my initial 9 TB upload to ACD and am now setting up an ACD to GDrive via the free tier of Google Compute Engine which is cranking at a healthy 35 MBytes per second! Can’t go wrong with that :slight_smile:

I think you want this issue - if you sign up to it then I'll post a beta in it when it is done

awesome thank you! I just signed up as that ticket is exactly what I was looking for.