RC mount and sdcardfs on Android O and above

So I’ve successfully, after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, managed to get rclone running on my Nvidia Shield TV. Yay!

Only problem is that Android Oreo and above have no support for FUSE as it was replaced by SDCARDFS meaning I’m unable to rclone mount my gdrive. Boooooo!

Purpose of this is that I’m planning to use one of my Shield TV boxes as a Plex Server pulling from GDrive (given Plex is shutting down Plex Cloud in a month) and this is basically impossible without Fuse or similar support.

Has anyone been able to get rclone running with sdcardfs or got FUSE running on Android?

Hopefully on of you will know before I go bald from hair pulling. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that is possible - as far as I can see sdcardfs wraps existing in kernel file systems only.

Hmm, not sure…

However you could serve your remote storage with rclone serve webdav remtote: - lots of things on android understand WebDAV

Thanks! I’ll give that a go.

Trying to have the shield be the grunt as I have the windows machine streams games via moonlight and my son is addicted to Fortnite!

Just an update. Had a Tinker Board lying around so am using that to serve to my Shield. Using it as Rclone and SMB only, using the shield to do the transcoding when required. Works very well!


Can you explain your setup a little more? Seems like you have the

Tinker Board -> Rclone mount -> Tinker SMB Server -> Shield SMB Client -> Shield Plex Server

running. i have somethign similar but it is incredibly slow at streaming, and transcoding is even worse

i want to run rclone mount on shield using this:

Have you tried that so you can get rid of the tinker board entirely?

I managed to get rclone mount running on android, I’m not sure how to test the overhead using fusermount but I’m sure if rclone were to use sdcardFS it would be way faster. I’m hoping we can include this down the line!