`rc cache/fetch` for vfs?

Hey all,

Is there any way to ask a VFS mount to prefetch the whole file as quickly as possible? If I just copy/read the file, it's much slower than if I do a rclone copy, probably because of multi-threaded downloads?

I thought I could sneak the file through rclone copy into the VFS cache directory, but that's risky of course.

The cache backend has a cache/fetch rc command, and I suppose I could put cache before the vfs, but any way to avoid that indirection?

Have you set --vfs-read-ahead sufficiently large enough so that it's buffering most/all of the file when you first access it?

that would be a nice feature.

tho i did something similar thing but in a different manner.

when i start watching a media file with emby server,
in the background, i want the entire file to be downloaded into the rclone vfs file cache.

basically, emby would call my script with the path of the media file.
and my script would do something like this, very simple
rclone copy /rclone/mountpoint/media/file.mkv /dev/null

also, rclone md5sum could also work, but not sure it rclone md5sum supports multi-threaded downloads

It's not something I want to do mount-wide, I would just like to, before/as I start processing a particular file, to fetch it. There's other things accessing the mount that shouldn't be causing this.

why not use operations/copyfile: Copy a file from source remote to destination remote

Copy where? I suppose I could copy it to /dev/null…?

yes, that is what i shared up above.
rclone copy /rclone/mountpoint/media/file.mkv /dev/null

Yeah that seems to work, thanks!