Randomized userlist for --drive-impersonate on GDrive

I have a GSuite business account with over 170 users. I’m trying to backup over 45TB worth of content and getting rate limited. I have a service account which will work fine for the initial running of rclone but then that account I impersonate gets throttled.

I would be nice if I could supply a list of users to --drive-impersonate so that either each file sent has a random user or there is some sort of balancing act and each user has the same amount of files sent.

What do you think?

So do you mean if you supplied a list of --drive-impersonate emails, then rclone just went through them round robin, whenever it needed a user to impersonate?

That would be easy to implement - would it solve your problem?

This would most definitely help me solve my problem and I suspect problems of others who encounter GDriver upper limit caps on uploading content.

@ncw Curious, was this “list + round robin” implemented? Looks interesting, if so.

Searched around the forum but couldn’t see further mention.

It hasn’t been implemented yet. Anyone want to have a go?

@ncw Nick, I know I am bumping this thread after 11 months but Google Drive Limits are inhibiting a lot of actions & this user list file & round robin feature will be a huge boost. Please see if you can implement it ASAP & put out a release. Eagerly waiting for it. Thanks in Advance.

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