Quota exceeded for quota metric 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com/all_requests'

Is this my quota that is being exceeded or because of the limited quota that rclone as a project has?
This backend would be super useful for me.

Quota exceeded for quota metric 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com/all_requests' and limit 'ApiCallsPerProjectPerDay' of service 'photoslibrary.googleapis.com' for consumer 'project_number:202264815644'. (429 RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED)

I don't recognize the formating on that error (ie. where did you get this from - the RC?).

But "ApiCallsPerProjectPerDay" would indicate you exceeded that limit.
If you don't use your own Oauth for the API (highly recommended) then you share this limit with all other rclone users who don't use their own key also (because you all use the default one). If so then you solve that by setting up your own.

If you already use your own Oauth then you have to had really hammered the API horrendously to max out your total quota, so that would be very unusual and worth investigating because it really shouldn't be happening.

You'd want to setup your own key and not use the standard rclone key as I would guess a lot of folks use it.

Here is the info on the photos API and the quotas:


Thank you - that's my issue. I need to use my own key...reading up on that now

There is a short guide on this page that explains the process - if that's not already what you are reading:

Let us know if you get stuck on anything.
I would recommend using the rclone built-in configurator to actually enter the new key as that will also handle the authentication for your account all nice and convenient for you :slight_smile:

Thanks @thestigma got it. Working like a charm

Excellent! Glad we solved it :slight_smile: Enjoy!

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