Questions regarding Remote Controlling features

  1. Are there any logging feature for remote controlling commands? (except core/command)

  2. operations/delete has only one parameter according to the documentation. Does it really? or is it just an error in doc

  3. The documentation for Remote Controlling seems not detailed enough. Is it that API spec hasn't been completed yet or does it just need some PRs for documentation?

There isn't a way of seeing the rclone logs that a remote control operation makes yet, if that is what you mean.

It would be nice to be able to see rclone logs remotely too.

I think that is correct. operations/delete works like rclone delete in that you give it a path to a directory and it recursively deletes that directory. Using operations/purge is probably more efficient if you want to delete the directories too.

All the operations should be there (the docs are generated from the code) but more detail is probably required.

Where do you think more docs are needed?

Thank you for your answer!

I thought it would be quite useful to have explanations for what errors are returned for operations, e.g. copy, delete, move.

But if error object contains only human-readable message, that does not matter....

Most of the errors are just human readable. However rclone does make an effort to set the http status which is also returned in the error block.

$ rclone rc operations/list fs=. remote=sdsdf
2020/09/30 17:56:14 Failed to rc: Failed to read rc response: 404 Not Found: {
	"error": "error in ListJSON: directory not found",
	"input": {
		"fs": ".",
		"remote": "sdsdf"
	"path": "operations/list",
	"status": 404

It will be 500 for an unknown error, 404 for directory or file not found and 400 for any parameter errors.

What errors can't be returned isn't documented in general.

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